To Facebook or Not To Facebook

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That has been the question that’s been on my mind for the past couple of months. Should I start a Facebook page for this blog?

Mom blogs and Facebook pages go hand in hand like peanut butter and chocolate. The Facebook community is a natural outlet for moms like me who don’t have a lot of support and who feel isolated and want someone to talk to. There is a huge number of parenting communities online that range from accepting and supportive to rigid and judgemental. I’ve sifted through many of them and settled on a few that I like (for the record, they are Bottle Babies, Fearless Formula Feeder, The Leaky B@@b, and The Skeptical Mother).

I see the good that online communities can do. I also see the other side. I see the nasty comments and the arguments among members. I see the extraordinary amount of work that the moderators do to keep the peace, delete inappropriate posts, and provide relevant and engaging content.

Blogging has always been a very part-time pursuit for me. I write when I have the chance, usually on the weekends when my partner can watch the baby. It’s rare that I have the chance to devote any real time to writing during the week. I definitely don’t have time to monitor a Facebook page all day to make sure that adults aren’t throwing online temper tantrums because someone said something that they don’t agree with. (Sorry if I sound bitter, I’m just a bit disillusioned with the parenting community at the moment).

So I’ve been going back and forth over whether I should start my own page. I’d like a place where I can feel free to post things about parenting without worrying that I’m clogging up my friends’ news feed with baby-related statuses that they have no interest in. I’d like to offer a place where parents can go to ask questions and talk about parenting with open-mindedness and humour. I just don’t want it to turn into a negative experience for me or any of my followers.

After much deliberation, I finally gave in and did it. We’ll see how it goes. It will probably take a while until I amass a decent amount of followers, but it’s fun to have a place to post interesting articles that I come across. If you’d like to “like” my page, you can find it here, or by searching “The 8020 Mom” on Facebook, or by clicking on the Facebook icon on the top of the column to the right. I hope to see you there!