The Big Question

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“Are you nursing?”

I’ve been asked that question more times and by more people than I can count. It usually comes right after, “How old is he?” and right before, “How does he sleep?” It’s not just people I’m acquainted with who want to know if I’m breastfeeding. Many random strangers also seem quite curious about how I’m feeding my baby. Here is a shortlist of people who have asked me if I nurse my son:

  • Most of my friends
  • Some of my coworkers
  • My son’s doctor
  • The cashier at the thrift store across the street from my house
  • Cashiers (plural) at the grocery store
  • The hairdresser that I went to one time
  • A staff member at my gym when I went in to cancel my membership
  • Strangers that we encounter on our walks

And this list is by no means exhaustive.

Some people have a legitimate reason to ask. For example, during my son’s two month checkup, the doctor noticed that his weight was a bit low. Naturally, she’d follow up by asking what he was eating. I get that. But when someone comes up to us on the street to comment on how cute he is, why do they need to know if he eats from a breast or a bottle?

When my son was very young and I was still struggling with the fact that I had to formula-feed him, I used to hate it when people asked. It came at me like an accusation and I felt like a little kid about to be punished as I stammered out a reply, “Uh, no..I mean, yeah, we did in the beginning. I guess he did for about three months, but it just didn’t work, so, uh, now I don’t…but he’s okay…” I tried so hard to justify how I fed him. Now, when people ask, I just offer a simple, “No.” I guess a more appropriate reply might be, “Why do you ask?” but I don’t want to make a big deal about it. I give them a quick answer and move on.

I find it kind of weird. It’s like when I was pregnant and people used to come up to me and touch my belly uninvited. Once you conceive a child, is your body now part of the common collective, free to touch and everyone’s business? Or maybe I’m just thinking about this too much.

Do people ask you how you feed your baby? Is it weird?

5 thoughts on “The Big Question

  1. I only got this question the first few months after my son was born. It was annoying as hell, but I just responded firmly with a no. If anyone asked me now that he’s 9 months old, I think I might have it out with them because that would just be ridiculous to ask. We’re trying to steer him towards “real people food” and drinking from a cup now, especially since he has four teeth. Sorry people are so weird where you live. 😦

    • Yeah, I’m kind of wondering when they’ll stop asking. When he’s two years old, will they still be wondering if I nursed him or not? So bizarre.

  2. YES! This happens to me all the time too. I just went back to work yesterday and I had 2 coworkers ask me. Have also had random people that I do not know do it. AND I am just like you in that I tried for a few months but ultimately had to stop. (Low milk supply, alllergies and reflux made it a bad choice for my son and I.) I am still making excuses when people ask, but should just learn to say no! I also wonder why people feel the need to ask or like it’s any of their business. Sooooooo weird.

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