It’s Time to Get Used to It

There is a video making its way around social media. It’s entitled Embarrassed and it’s a spoken word poem by a woman named Hollie McNish. In it, she expresses her frustration with the stigma surrounding breastfeeding in public and how she’s tired of having to feed her infant daughter in dirty bathrooms just so that she doesn’t offend anyone.

I know that I can get up on my soapbox about how formula-feeding moms can be treated, but I’m not blind to the fact that breastfeeding moms have their own challenges. I’ve never been asked to leave a restaurant for feeding my baby. I’ve never chosen to feed him in a stinky bathroom because I didn’t want anyone to see him eating. When people see him drinking from a bottle at 8 months old, they aren’t compelled to ask me if he’s too old for it. If he’s still drinking from a bottle at two years old, I won’t have to worry that people will call me a pedophile.

It’s really time that we end the double standard of being bombarded by advertising images of half-naked women, yet getting puritanical over the tiny bit of flesh exposed when a woman feeds her baby.

If this is okay:

Bra model

Image courtesy of

Then this is okay:

Breastfeeding mom

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Check out the video and share it with your mom friends. Because no one should feel compelled to give their baby a meal in a stinky public bathroom sitting on a cold toilet seat lid.


2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Get Used to It

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I breastfed all three of my kids. That said, I do feel that a mom should try to cover up with a blanket or something. I also know that that isn’t always possible. Two of my kids would have nothing to do with that–they really wanted to see their surroundings, I guess and didn’t want to have their meal under a blanket. I did plenty of breastfeeding in my vehicle, and on at least two occasions that I can remember, in the bathroom. To those who say, breastfeeding moms should go to the bathroom to feed their baby, I would like to ask, “Would YOU like to eat YOUR meal—on the toilet?!!!” …and see what they say. And I agree, we are bombarded by BOOBS in the checkout line, but breastfeeding your baby isn’t ok? Yes, totally messed up!

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