I Think My Baby is Eating His Pacifiers

The pacifier tree

(Photo credit: cesarastudillo)

We’ve got a situation going on here that has me baffled.

Every night I place my sleepy baby in his crib with a pacifier in his mouth. And every morning I come into his room to see a smiling baby in the crib…but no pacifier.

I assumed that he was accidentally tossing them behind his crib so the other day I pulled it out and looked. No pacifiers behind his crib. I took the mattress off to see if maybe some had become wedged under the mattress or were hiding under his crib. Nope. Intrigued, I looked behind and under his dresser and changing table. Not a one.  My partner and I turned his room upside down and couldn’t find anything.

Where are they going? What happens during the night while he’s (supposedly) sleeping that makes his pacifiers disappear? It’s a real mystery.

I figure that one day when we move or rearrange his room we’ll find some dusty corner that contains a huge heaping pile of soothers. Until then, I guess I’ll just keep going to the store and buying new ones. And the mystery will continue…


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