Top 5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

I recently wrote a post on the five baby items that I love the most. A friend commented that the post was helpful for people who want to know what to buy for baby showers. It got me to thinking. Before I had a baby, I had no idea what to buy as a baby shower gift. I usually defaulted to purchasing clothes because they are cute and easy to pick out. Now I know that the last thing that most parents need is more tiny clothes. The post on my five favourite items included some big-ticket items, like strollers and monitors, that you’re unlikely to buy as a shower gift. So I’m devising a new, slightly modified list.

Based on my experience, the following are the top five things that I was thankful to receive as shower gifts. Keep in mind, I’m a practical gal, so they aren’t all super exciting. These gifts might not get a lot of attention, but the parents will be thankful. Trust me.

Pampers diapers

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  •  Diapers – You might have to do a bit of recon before you purchase this gift. There are about a million different types of diapers available. If the baby has already been born, ask the parents what kind of diapers they prefer. Then buy that brand in a size or two larger than they are currently using. Or buy a few different sizes. If the baby hasn’t been born, the parents probably at least know if they are planning on using cloth or disposable diapers. Buy them a small assortment. We received so many diapers at our shower that I don’t think we needed to buy any until baby P. was about three months old. It was fantastic.

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  • Receiving blankets – Yup, they made the list again. These blankets are so useful and you can never have too many. We received some pretty polka-dotted ones that I just love. Buy a few, because they’ll be used!
sleep sack

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  • Sleep sack – This was on my previous list as well. Most parents that I know love these things. They are a little bit pricey ($20-$30 each), so most parents will probably only invest in one or two. We only had one for a while and ended up washing it every other day when my baby spit up on it. We finally bought a couple more and it made our lives a lot easier. I think this is a safe bet for an awesome shower gift. And they come in different colours and patterns, so you can have fun picking it out!
Personalized blanket

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  • Something personalized – This is probably only a safe gift if the baby has already been born and named. I know people who were dead set on a name prior to the birth and then changed it once the baby arrived, so if you’re attending a shower before the baby is born, use caution. Otherwise, personalized blankets make a great gift. Head on over to for hundreds of options, and the ability to buy a super gift from the comfort of your computer. We received a personalized blanket and a huge personalized bath towel. I love both. The towel is great because we can use it when we go swimming and I don’t have to worry about anyone else claiming that it’s theirs. Gifts like these are much appreciated and show a lot of care and thought.
gift card

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  • Gift cards – When all else fails, if you’re short on time or ideas then a gift card is a great idea for new parents. There’s going to be a bunch of stuff that they need that they didn’t anticipate and it will make it a lot easier on their pocketbook if they have a few gift cards. After our baby was born, we had to go out and buy bottles and a sterilizer within a few days home from the hospital. Thank goodness for the gift cards that we received. It turned a several hundred-dollar purchase into something much more manageable.

Well, that’s my list. I hope you find it helpful. If you have kids, what did you receive as a shower gift that you were grateful for?

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

  1. Good information for moms-to-be to have! I got so many very practical and useful things for my baby shower and I was so grateful. I even got a bunch of baby detergent for their clothes:)

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