Top 5 Baby Items That You Don’t Need (0-6 months)

In a previous post, I listed the top five baby items that made my life a lot easier. The overwhelming majority of baby items on the market these days are things that are nice to have, but not really necessary. Following is my list of things that I think you can save your money by not buying.

  •  Baby shoes – I’m not going to lie. Baby shoes are super cute. My baby gets more compliments on his shoes than on any other part of his wardrobe. But they’re completely unnecessary. He doesn’t walk, and when we go out his feet are usually covered by socks, a sleeper, or a blanket (or all three). Babies’ feet grow quickly, and if you’re like me you’ll end up with a bin of super cute, unworn shoes with the tags still on. If you want to buy shoes for your baby, invest in one pair in a neutral colour.


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  • Crib wedges, pillows, bumper pads, etc. – most safe sleep guidelines recommend not placing any additional blankets or paraphenelia in your baby’s bed. A crib all decked out with bumper pads does look pretty cute, but all of the moms that I know who bought them ended up taking them out of the crib once their baby started to roll around. Why take the risk? Save your money and buy a cute fitted sheet for the crib or a mobile that your baby can enjoy too.
  • Bottle sterilizer – we actually use our bottle sterilizer all the time, so I’m not going to say that it hasn’t been useful, but it’s a big, clunky, electric thing that takes up an entire counter. When we go to someone else’s house, we inevitably end up steaming our bottles on the stove using a deep pot with a built-in strainer. I wish that we would have bought one of those instead. That way, it could fit in the cupboard and we would have a use for it after our bottle sterilizing days are over.
  • Newborn size diapers – you’ll want to have some diapers on hand when your baby arrives, but I would caution against buying too many in the same size or brand. We ended up with boxes of extra newborn diapers because my baby outgrew them so quickly (and he wasn’t a big newborn). We also discovered that a certain brand of diapers leak, so we ended up getting rid of a few boxes of those as well. All parents have a favourite brand and style of diaper. If you want to stock up on diapers before the baby gets here, I would recommend buying a variety of sizes and brands. That way, if one of them doesn’t work out, you’re not stuck giving away hundreds of dollars worth of diapers. If you’re using cloth diapers, the same applies. Buy a variety of styles and see what works before investing too much money.
  • Baby videos – I don’t want to mention brand names, but there are some prominent companies out there who make DVD’s designed especially for babies. There is new research being done that has concluded that watching TV may not be beneficial for infants. Now, I’m not telling you to not let your baby watch TV. I have the TV on in my house during the day. I’m just saying that those specialty baby DVD’s are super expensive, and the company that manufactures them has admitted that they have no educational value. Save your money and read to your baby instead. If you want to watch TV with your baby, watch one of the hundreds of kids programs available on the cable that you’re already paying for. Your baby won’t be less of a genius for it!

In an upcoming post, I’ll continue helping you to save money by listing the top 5 baby things that you should buy second-hand.


7 thoughts on “Top 5 Baby Items That You Don’t Need (0-6 months)

  1. Agreed on all counts, though I loved my microwave bottle sterilizer… I had to pump 85% of the time. With all the parts I had to clean each time it was a huge time’ water and energy saver. So I suppose it may depend on how much and how often you have to clean ☺

  2. Totally agree! I would also advise against buying too many of any one size of clothing. Mine is only 4 months old and there are already some things that she never wore or only wore once. Though she is a big baby.

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