Don’t Get Too Comfortable: A Cautionary Tale

My baby has always been a good sleeper. He was sleeping through the night by the time he was ten weeks old; when he reached three months he would sleep for up to twelve hours straight. When I got together with other moms and the discussion about sleep was brought up, I would silently hang back while they commiserated about still having to get up every couple of hours. If I was asked directly, I would tell them about our full night of sleep and wait for the inevitable response, “It must be nice”. “Yes,” I would think to myself in my head, “It is nice.” I wasn’t smug about it; the fact that baby P. sleeps through the night has more to do with him than anything special that I’m doing as a parent. We just got lucky.

Until right around the time that P. turned five months old and started getting restless at bed time. We would put him to bed and have to go in to comfort him a few times before he finally settled for the night. No big deal. Until him being restless for one hour turned into two hours, then three…then the entire evening. This past weekend, he was up every hour all night.

Thus I’ve learned a new lesson about being a parent: don’t get too comfortable. When you have a baby, everything is a phase. Just when I’m getting used to my little guy, he changes. In lots of cases, this brings about new and exciting developments. It might signal the end of some less than desirable behaviours (I’m really hoping that his current habit of screeching at the top of his lungs will be over soon). The best part is that even though he’s no longer sleeping through the night, I know that any day now that will change, and we’ll be back to our old/new routine.


sleep (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

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